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Is Drinking Water the Ultimate Anti-aging Tip?

Drink water for younger looking skin! Every dermatologist out there tells us that hydration is essential to younger looking skin and drinking water is vital. I did a bit of quick research and discovered that respected dermatologists like Daniel Maes (Head of Research for Estee Lauder), Nicholas Perricone, Dr Murad and countless others less famous but just as qualified, all say drinking water is crucial to keep skin hydrated. And hydrated skin is younger looking skin care […]

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Comprehensive List of Popular Treatments

The pursuit for anti aging treatments was first recorded in ancient Egypt where potions were developed using natural cures and remedies like olives and other common herbs to promote longevity and beauty though it would be safe to assume that it dates back farther than that. In other ancient cultures like India and China, it has long been a practice to alter eating habits, eating particular foods, drinking particular drinks, involving a different lifestyle and practicing certain […]

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