Is Drinking Water the Ultimate Anti-aging Tip?

Photo by Dmitry Bayer on Unsplash

Photo by Dmitry Bayer on Unsplash

Drink water for younger looking skin!

Every dermatologist out there tells us that hydration is essential to younger looking skin and drinking water is vital. I did a bit of quick research and discovered that respected dermatologists like Daniel Maes (Head of Research for Estee Lauder), Nicholas Perricone, Dr Murad and countless others less famous but just as qualified, all say drinking water is crucial to keep skin hydrated. And hydrated skin is younger looking skin care as all of us know. So, drinking water may be one of the best anti-aging tips ever.

The fact is the epidermis — just like any other part of the human body — is made up of cells. All the cells in our body are working. You cannot separate your ‘inside’ from the ‘outside’ and state they’re somehow different. They may be affected differently by the environment but skin cells such as any other cell in the entire body are almost completely made up of water. Without water the organs within the body — and the skin is the biggest — will not function properly. Loss of hydration from the skin shows in all sorts of ways — tingling, tingling, flakiness. Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling. Water is crucial to maintain skin moisture and is the vehicle for providing essential nutrients into your skin cells. As water is lost in large quantities daily — it stands to reason you need to replace it somehow. Taking water to the body by drinking during the day is important but many physicians will tell you the way to maintain the skin’s moisture levels that you need to keep it there also. In other words — drinking water for skin health is not enough.
“The Water Principle is not just about drinking four, eight or 12 glass a day, it’s about getting water into cells and keeping it there” Dr Murad, Clinical dermatologist and creator of Murad Skin Care Dr Murad makes it clear from his latest book that there is zero use in drinking a great deal of water — or perhaps the 8 glasses a day recommended — if you do not do the other essential items for skin wellness. All that will happen is you devote a lot of time in the bathroom! ?

Here’s a fast review of the main points of a recent interview with Dr Murad when he talked about the importance of drinking water for skin with the emphasis on a total approach to skin health:
• drink water throughout the day at regular periods
• eat fresh fruit and vegetables that add a great deal of water into the diet as well as fibre and antioxidants
• take essential fatty acid nutritional supplements like evening primrose oil or flaxseed
• take glucosamine supplements to hold moisture in cells
• utilize a good daily moisturizer

Another of my favourite skin care consultants is Dr Todorov of Smart Skincare – who has a Phd in Biology and an MS in Molecular Biology — he knows a thing or 2 about epidermis. He suggests that it is best to drink most of your water during the day, and not drink excessive amounts of fluids at night, particularly within 2 hours before going to bed. Otherwise, many people tend to get morning puffiness that promotes facial sag.” Dr Todorov That last point is a wonderful suggestion for preventing puffy eyes — how many people (me included) go to bed with a glass of water from the bed. That is OK so long as you drink it first thing in the morning.

If highly qualified people with real knowledge and experience tell me that drinking water is an essential part of healthy skin — I’m likely to believe them. And anyway, isn’t that exactly what your plain old common sense tells you too?
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